Using her mouth to take apart the blocks. Also look at the way she’s sitting! I remember when @jacquelineemmadulcie used to sit like that. 😜

I remember watching this for the first time with my Mum. Specifically the moment Woody first moves. :)

Who needs a bed when you have a Mum to sleep on?

Both girls are asleep on me right now. I’m so fortunate to have them. ❤️

This was taken yesterday. She is 19 months old as of the 28th of Sept. One year & 7 months old! I’m going to have a two year old before I know it.

I wish I could get a better photo of her. Most of the photos I take of her are blurry!


I’m working on my response to you. It was an excellent question & it’s something I should be prepared for!

I love when she falls asleep on me. ❤️

My anxiety levels are higher ever since I’ve been working on my doula business. Oh my gosh. This is going to be really challenging. but I also think it will be really good. I’m being forced to move out of my comfort zone. It’s scary. I’m so anxious. Ahhhhh!

Bluejay is learning what animals are called thanks to an app on my phone called peekaboo barn.

You tap the barn & it shows a picture of the animal. The animal makes its noise then the voice of a little kid says the name of the animal.

She doesn’t always say them properly & if you heard her say some of them out of context it’d be hard to know what she’s saying. But oh my goodness it is so cute hearing her learn to speak.

Here’s the list of animals she says: Owl Horse Llama Turkey Pig Sheep Chicken Cow Goat Cat Dog Rabbit Donkey Rooster Mouse (She points to her mouth when she says this) & last but not least she says duck.

Except she doesn’t say duck. For some reason she clicks her tongue instead of saying duck. I guess that’s the sound she hears when the app says duck.

She says owl the best. Turkey sounds like “Dada” & llama sounds like “Mama”.