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Bluejay did the cutest thing last night! I can’t believe how fast she’s growing up!

I hid one of her toys behind my back. I said to her “Whee did it go?” she looked shocked & lifted up her hand in an “I don’t know” sort of way. She repeated “Where’d it go?” In her cute toddler voice.

Once she suspected it was behind my back I moved it to my side. But she knew I had it & she got me to sit forward.

She saw them & got all excited that she’d found them. Then here’s the cure thing she did; she put them beside her leg & hid them. She looked at me shocked & lifted her hand & said “Where’d it go?” She is so clever!

We put coconut oil in both of the girls’ hair. 😁

Bluejay was at my sisters door knocking to come in, She said “Geegee, door!” (Geegee = Jacqui, my sisters name.) while banging on the door!

I have a teething baby on my hands. She started screaming tonight while in the car & it took her a while to settle down. I even gave her some pain relief.

She’s so dribbly too. Bluejay teethed while little but only started getting teeth at 10 months old! I wonder if it’ll be that long for Sparrow too?

Bluejay tried talking to us all day today. It’s so cool to hear! But she’s only just starting to say some words. So when I say she’s talking, what I mean is she’s babbling gibberish. But you can really tell she’s trying to tell you something. She’s trying to have a conversation.

I’ve been watching How I Met Your Mother lately. Its good because the plot lines aren’t heaps complex so I don’t have to pay full attention to it. So it doesn’t matter if Bluejay wants my attention or something.

Every time the theme song played Bluejay would dance to it. & when she saw people on screen clapping, she’d clap too. Occasionally she waved at the screen too haha. She’s just so adorable! The last few days she’s really been so cute. I’m really enjoying her at this stage. It’s hard now that she walks because she likes going into the kitchen. We have no way of stopping her doing that because the doors are sliding & she can open them. I wish we could lock the sliding doors! I’ve thought about moving the couch around so it blocks the way into the kitchen through the lounge room. Then we’d have to use the other door that goes from the lounge room, to the hall way & then through the other kitchen door. But not having to get Bluejay from the kitchen all the time would be worth that extra effort to get from lounge room to kitchen. I’m just not sure if it would look good moving the couch.

The lounge room is so cluttered right now. Bluejay got so much stuff for Christmas & her birthday. Also none of her clothes are away. They’re all in bags in the lounge room. Mum helped me sort through all of Bluejay’s clothes to put all the clothes too small away for Sparrow. But we never ended up putting Bluejay’s clothes away. We really need to do that because being in the lounge room is making me feel stressed & a bit claustrophobic.

It’s hard doing stuff while I’m pregnant. I’m in pain all the time, I get puffed out easily, I get dizzy if I stand for too long, I have no energy. Taking care of Bluejay is all I can do & I even need help with that.

I have a lot of hip pain this pregnancy. It hurts being in bed.

One year old update!

Well today Bluejay is one.

She walks all the time now. She prefers it to crawling.

Words she says:
Dog. Although she says it like “gog”
What’s that? It sounds like one word when she says it.
Ta. My Mum taught her that. I always say thank you
What’s this?

She mimics us when she wants to. So she occasionally says some words but then she doesn’t say them again.

She dances to music whenever she hears it.

She tries feeding herself with a spoon.

She puts phones up to her ear & says “hello” & then she’ll say “Dad dad Dadda”

She chases animals. She squeals on excitement when she sees her Aunty’s dog.

She loves playing outside. If she sees the front or back door open, or a window, she’ll try to get outside & cry if we stop her.

Most of the movement I feel is in my pelvis. I feel more movement in my butt area than my belly! That probably sounds strange. Let me tell you, it definitely feels strange!

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